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Teacher Feature
Art Teacher Joyce Leatherwood

People often ask, “When did you know you were an artist?”  I remember as a small child my friends playing with Barbies - changing the clothes over and over, always looking for those ridiculously small shoes to put back on.  Meanwhile, I was building furniture for them…. Couches and chairs with scraps of fabric glued on, pianos made from cereal boxes and on and on.  Dioramas too… we loved The Borrowers series of books and created little vignettes of Borrower life.   So I guess the answer is “as long as I can remember.”  When I was four I asked my mother to teach me to embroider so I could add bunnies to my Easter dress.  Amazingly, my mother let me!  However, when it was time for me to go to college, I was not encouraged to be an artist.  I tried several majors but I always took an art class and eventually the art won out.  I completed a degree in Ceramics.  My husband’s career took us around the world which made it really difficult to be a potter.  Pots are heavy to pack and kilns impossible.  Eventually, I rediscovered my childhood love of embroidery and realized that now it could be part of my artwork.  I began experimenting more and more in the textile world and now work exclusively in textile sculpture and heavily embroidered cloth.  Someday I hope to return to clay as well… it is just too wonderful to abandon.  In the last few years, I have exhibited my artwork at several galleries in Fredericksburg and recently was accepted into my first International art show – one of 2300 entries!  I am currently a member of Art First, a cooperative gallery in Fredericksburg.     I have a two person show scheduled in May at the Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts – everyone is invited!


Dr. James Crist Visited Winding Creek Elementary
What are you worried about? TESTS?  MAKING MISTAKES? NOT FITTING IN AT SCHOOL? Everyone has fears and worries some of the time. But our kids don’t have to stay scared and worried.
We hope you enjoyed our parent workshop on Tuesday, October 20th at 7PM at Winding Creek Elementary School.  We welcomed Dr. James Crist as he presented ways to help  children cope with anxiety. Dr. Crist is the Clinical Director as well as a child and adolescent psychologist at the Child and Family Counseling Center in Woodbridge, VA.  Additionally, he is the author of several books, including: What To Do When You’re Scared &Worried, What to Do When You’re Cranky & Blue, and What To Do When You’re Sad & Lonely.
If you would like to discuss a student anxiety issue contact Whitney Hecker, School Counselor, at heckerwh@staffordschools.net or at 540- 658-6400.


Calling 4th and 5th Grade Girls!
Winding Creek Girls: Girl Smarts® is returning to your school starting October 2015. Girl Smarts® is a series of after school workshops designed to give our young girls motivation, self-confidence and skill sets to move forward with strength in the years ahead.  Using a dynamic mix of information sharing and hands on activities, the workshops help the girls develop lifetime skills and grow into their middle school years better equipped to face the challenges of their early teens.
Click here for the informational form and scheduled workshops


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Have you seen our amazing mural???

The red rock in front of the school is to raise awareness, hope, and love for our Winding Creek family suffering from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  There is no cure.  By painting the rock we hope that our Winding Creek Family and Friends will spread the word.  "HELP FIND A CURE" -- Our voices are important.  People suffering from this disease need us to speak for them, hope for them, and support them.  Let's let them know we care!  Be on the lookout for upcoming ways we can all participate.  Let's join together and find a cure.  We can do this Winding Creek!

 Congratulations to Kristen Anthony

Winding Creek Elementary
 Teacher of the Year 2014-2015
Congratulations to Tara DeMarre

Winding Creek Elementary
Service Employee of the Year 2014-2015

Our Mission

The mission of Winding Creek Elementary School is to create a sanctuary for the development of the whole child.  We provide a solid foundation through a nurturing and stimulating environment for all to know that they have unlimited potential to achieve their dreams.
Our Vision

The dedicated family of WCES, believing that all students can be successful, envision a respectful partnership within the school community resulting in an enriched learning experience while meeting the changing and diverse challenges of an information literate society.  Whereas students are enthusiastic, confident, and inspired to realize their highest potential while being productive and moral citizens, by having a staff that fosters their life-long academic and social success based on individual needs.

Paw Pride

Students throughout the school may earn "Golden Paw" stickers for following the rules all around the building.  When a child earns a "Golden Paw" sticker, they bring that sticker back to their classroom teacher.  Classroom teachers will place them on the "Winding Creek Golden Paws" poster on their classroom door.  When a class earns ten "Golden Paw" stickers, they will receive a letter above their classroom door to spell out the words "P A W P R I D E S P I R I T".  When each class spells out "Paw Pride Spirit" above their door, they will receive a special treat (such as snow cone party, popcorn party, free ice cream, etc.)
Cafeteria Paws

As children follow the Cafeteria Rules, they earn a "Cafeteria Paw" velcro paw on their class poster.  Rules in the cafeteria are as follows:

    Respect Your Pack Leaders
    Keep Seated and Raise Your Paw
    Keep Your Paws to Yourself
    No Howling to Other Packs
    Keep Your Den Clean

When a class earns 20 "Cafeteria Paws" on their class poster, the entire class earns a reward (such as free ice cream, etc.)




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